About Us

Creamy Shea by Whitney B, LLC is the outcome of faith, passion, and chance. I was looking to make a deep moisturizer for my skin and created a product that can be used for both hair and skin. With Creamy Shea I have found my outlet to create products that seek to meet your moisturizing needs using all natural products.  The main oils used to enhance Creamy Shea's base include:

-Jojoba Oil:  chemically similar to the skin's sebum making it a great moisturize for skin, scalp, and hair

-Avocado Oil: high in vitamin E, sterolins, and omega-3 oil. Omega 3 oils is thought to provide UV protection

-Sweet Almond Oil:  high in Omega-6 fatty acids and a humectant which helps to retain moisture in the skin and hair

-Tea Tree Oil: has antiseptic properties that are thought to help with everything from athlete's foot to dandruff

My products were created to meet a need so if you have any new product ideas or comments on how we can make our products better please feel free to reach us at creamyshea@gmail.com or @CreamyShea.